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Web Development

Web Development is more than just throwing up a few pages to get your name out there. Presenting something that flows well with a consistent feel and is set up to function correctly is the key.

At Twine Development, while our in house resources are limited as far as design, we can provide you something that still looks professional, or we have relationships with true graphic artists, who can blow you away with their talent.

Once your site design is worked out, we then take that design and mark it up into an actual web page that is based off of web standards, to provide you with a site that not only looks good, but will function properly on most browsers in use today, and being standards compliant, should be just fine for future generations of browsers.

All of this is programmed into either our custom CMS (content management system) we built in house, or your choice of open source systems such as Word Press. Our CMS offers built in features to not only present content to the visitor, but also customization of what search engines see to improve your natural ranking.

Some companies get you this point, show you how it works, and say "have fun, here is your final bill". Experience shows that most people cannot walk away from a training session on something new and remember all the features later on when they work with it. We'd rather assist you as you need help getting things set up. After all, you will most likely be listed in our portfolio, so we also want to make sure your site ends up a a great show piece!